May 28, 2024
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Bubblers are portable water pipes. They allow you to make smoother shots and are available in various models.

Smoking cannabis can become an incredibly different experience, especially when you consider the breadth of genetics available and the many ways to smoke it. Rolling and lighting a joint and loading a bong with dried flowers are common. However, there are much more exotic items that can be used to burn weed shop electric dab rig online.

Bubblers are a fascinating and various way to inhale cannabis. This is a type of water tube and consequently falls into the category of the famous and widely used “bong”. Although bubblers vary in a number of kinds and have different benefits that you can’t give when sucking a bong .

So, knowing exactly what they are, why does a smoker choose to use a bubbler as a form of cannabis intake? What more do they have compared to a bong and a pipe? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of choosing a bubbler as your primary method of smoking weed.


There are several types of bubblers that boast slight differences in tweaks and benefits. For example, bubbler hammers have a compartment with a flat ground that enables them to be placed securely on a surface like many bongs.

Pendant bubblers are one of the most creative designs and can be tied with a piece of string that allows them to be worn hanging around the neck like a necklace, which also acts as a smoking device. This model is excellent for musical occasions and camping outings.

Dual bubblers give super soft blows. They are prepared with two chambers which have individual percolators. The fume that arrives out of the outlet of this type of bubblers is both fresh and soft. This kind of Bubblers are relatively identical to Sherlock tubes and have the same distinctive shape.